Agadir transportation agency, excursion tafraout tour
Agadir transportation agency, excursion tafraout tour
Agadir transportation agency, excursion tafraout tour
Agadir transportation agency, excursion tafraout tour Anti-Atlas.
Exploring the Anti Atlas
The Anti-Atlas is a mountain range in southwestern Morocco, between south-west and north-east there is a distance of 600 km the central High Atlas and Atlantic Sahara Tafilalet. This channel belongs to the Atlas Mountains, more specifically, one of the three elements of the Moroccan Atlas - the other two being the High Atlas and the Middle Atlas.
Tafraout, is a small tourist town in the traditional architectural style, remains an ideal place for holidays. This small town, numbering less than 5,000 inhabitants, boasts a magnificent and remarkable geographical position in the heart of the mountainous chain of the anti- atlas causing him the ideal proximity to other villages in the region. An advantage for visitors staying in Tafraoute which allows them to organize daily excursions or outings to the villages with traditional historical monuments ( Kasbah and houses, ancient rock carvings, ancient Berber architecture, ancient irrigation systems former olive oil mill etc...). More which also allows the discovery of various specific inhabitants of this region of the Anti- Atlas traditions. Among the interesting places to visit, we quote :

The Valley Ammeln alone is a series of villages all at the foot of Jebel Lkest which Oumesnate, Tandilte, Tazoulte, Dimlalen, Ighalen, Asgaour, Asguine, Tamaloukte, Anil, Anammer (blue source ) Aguelz, Ait Taleb and Ait Messaoud, Azrou Ouadou etc.. Access is difficult for villages and Tagdichte Anergui that lie at an altitude of 1400 m.

Village Aguerd - Oudad, known for its high and tilted rock, the Napoleon Hat, it is surrounded by many attractions including Rocky Aoumerkt painted, colored by the Belgian Artist Mr. Jean Verame in 1984, is the a symbol of the region.

Tahala and his berber villages 14 km from Tafraoute on the road to Tiznit via Idaoussemlal, you will pass through a long narrow oasis offering views of the mosque and houses of adobe and Aday Afella Ouaday.

The vast market of slippers, jewelry and antiques in downtown.

The beautiful village of Tazekka with almond fields, his former Douar perched atop granite boulders and rock carving "The Gazelle" engraved for centuries on a rock at the foot of the mountain.

The valley of Ait Mansour is the part that distance of 28 Kms from Tafraoute, but displays a unique oasis in nature. A circuit of nearly 70 km through Tasserirte, Afella Ighir, Tiwadou, Tizerkine and Timguelchte. This is the most fascinating tour of Tafraoute.
Tafraout offers a natural and exceptional thanks to pink granite mountains surrounding décor. It also provides fresh air thanks to its altitude of 1100 m, and has several access. These accesses are somewhat difficult and require minimal care. It can go from Tiznit (107 km). Since Agadir, two approaches are possible:

Road via Biougra and Ait Baha (about 160 km with a 3 hour drive).
Road via Tiznit then Idaoussemlal (about 200 km).
Since Taroudant via Igherm and Ait Abdellah (140 km).
Since Guelmim via Bou-izakern, Ifrane anti-atlas, and Mejjate Tifermite halfway Tiznit-Tafraoute (160 hm).